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A Russian espionage network in the EU tries to disrupt the supply of weapons to Ukraine — Defense Intelligence

A Russian espionage network is still active in European countries. Recently, it has been tasked with thwarting the delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine, according to a Ukrainian Defense Intelligence officer, Andrii Cherniak.

Quote"One of the primary goals of Russians is to influence certain reputable people in European countries, as well as public opinion. That is why the Russians invest a lot in working with the media. There are both their open propagandist mouthpieces like Russia Today and other, more covert ways of influence. There were cases where foreign media journalists recruited by Russians go to work with a single task of talking to their colleagues to shift their opinions towards Russia," Andrii Cherniak said.

According to the Defense Intelligence officer, the Russian espionage network has lately been focused on disrupting the routes of supply used to deliver Western weapons provided to Ukraine by its partners.

Earlier, Defense Intelligence explained the nature of the new Russian offensive in Ukraine’s east.

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