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Ministry of Defense expects Russia to amass troops near Ukraine up to 175,000

Oleksiy Reznikov, the Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, does not exclude that in the near future the Russian Federation may pull in additional troops to the Ukrainian border. According to him, if the current trend continues, the number of Russian soldiers near our country could increase to 175,000 of the 94,000 currently present there.

Quote"Of course, there is likelihood of this trend with such a build-up. We understand this very well, we monitor this, and there are no surprises for us, we are ready," Reznikov commented to the Estonian edition of ERR.

The other day WP reported that according to American intelligence, the Russian Federation had planned a new invasion involving 175,000 troops. A new attack on Ukraine is expected to take place early next year. The Kremlin plan, in addition to 100 battalion-tactical groups numbering about 175,000 people, also includes armored vehicles and artillery. The outlet’s sources explain that the Russian Federation is concentrating troops on the Ukrainian border, demanding guarantees from the North Atlantic Alliance that it will refuse further expansion to the east, in particular, will not support Ukraine's joining the Alliance.

Prior to that, Moscow noted that any expansion of NATO's military infrastructure in Ukraine would be considered the crossing of one of Vladimir Putin's red lines. Belarus stressed that it agreed with that and was ready, together with Moscow, to take all the necessary measures to counter the military alliance whose activity is growing.

However, US President Joe Biden stressed that he did not accept any red lines relating to Ukraine.

A digital meeting between Putin and Biden is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th. The last time the Presidents met on July 9. Biden's press service reported that the parties would discuss "the military activity of the Russian Federation on the border with Ukraine."

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