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NATO bases in Ukraine. Kremlin and Minsk promise to take action

The Russian President’s administration stated that any expansion of NATO military infrastructure in Ukraine would be considered crossing one of Vladimir Putin’s "red lines". Belarus noted that it had agreed with this and was ready, together with Moscow, to take all the necessary measures to counter the growing military alliance activity.

According to Reuters, Alexander Lukashenko, who continues to govern Belarus, despite not being recognized by a significant part of the international community, accused the United States of establishing training centers in Ukraine, that, according to him, are military bases. He added that during a meeting with his Russian counterpart, he discussed the "neighbor’s" potential membership in NATO.

"It is clear that we must respond to this... (We—ed. note) have agreed that we need to take some measures," Lukashenko said.

When asked what kind of joint actions Lukashenko had in mind, the Kremlin replied that "these are actions that ensure the security of our two states."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to these statements.

"Putin's "red lines" are limited to the territory of the Russian Federation. From our side of the Russian-Ukrainian border, we ourselves will figure out what we should do in the interests of the Ukrainian people and the security of Ukraine and Europe," Dmytro Kuleba, the Head of the Ministry, wrote on Twitter.

Context. Russia strongly opposes the idea of Ukraine's membership in NATO. The Kremlin had already warned about Putin's "red lines" before.

During the meeting between President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his American counterpart Joe Biden that was held on September 1, the leaders discussed Ukraine's potential NATO membership. The Ukrainian Head of State stressed that Biden supported this initiative.

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