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Biden states he does not accept anybody's red lines regarding Ukraine

US President Joe Biden. Photo: BusinessLIVE

US President Joe Biden. Photo: BusinessLIVE

US President Joe Biden stated that he does not respect anybody's "red lines" in the context of Ukraine. He answered questions from reporters before leaving from Washington to his residence at Camp David on Friday, December 3.

Biden was asked to comment on the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin about what Moscow considers to be red lines, in particular, the further approach of NATO infrastructure to the Russian borders and the deployment of strike complexes, as well as hypersonic weapons on Ukrainian territory. "I don’t accept anybody's "red line," Biden said.

He added that he expects to have a "long conversation" with Putin. "We have long been aware of Russia's actions. I expect that we will have a long conversation with Putin," the US President said, referring to the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

The day before, the Kremlin reported that the date of the conversation via video call between Putin and Biden had been tentatively approved, it would be announced after agreement with the American side.

Bloomberg reported that since 2019, Ukraine had bought several dozen Bayraktar TB2 combat drones from Turkey. This is much more than previously reported. At least 20 more drones are in production.


Context. Earlier, The Page reported that Ukrainian intelligence expects a new Russian invasion of Ukraine in late January—early February. American colleagues share these forecasts and call on Europe to develop a joint action plan to contain the Kremlin as soon as possible. In the Russian Federation, in turn, they assure that the dissemination of such data is a "hysteria" that is allegedly artificially whipped up by Washington.

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