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Ministry of Health announces tightening of "covid" restrictions for "yellow" zone

The Ministry of Health took on drafting and amending the regulation on the adaptive quarantine. Among other things, the Ministry of Health plans to extend quarantine restrictions for the unvaccinated Ukrainians in the regions located in the "yellow" zone of epidemic danger.

However, the Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health did not specify when citizens should expect changes or what specific areas of the economy they will relate to. Currently, a two-dose vaccination ("green" COVID certificate) is required for workers and clients/visitors only in the "red" quarantine zone. In the "yellow" zone, a "yellow" certificate (of one vaccination) is sufficient for now.

Context. Over the entire period of the pandemic in the country 3,263,417 people came down with COVID-19; 2,684,584 recovered; 78,754 people died. More than 9 million citizens have been fully immunized against coronavirus.

From November 8, Ukrainians of certain professions with no vaccination against coronavirus are suspended from work.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health launched an initiative to supplement the list of professions the vaccination against coronavirus is compulsory for with healthcare workers, local government workers, and municipal workers.

The amendments stipulate that in the "yellow" level of epidemic danger, institutions and establishments will have to require a full course of vaccination from both workers and visitors to work in quarantine restrictions.

Viktor Liashko

Viktor Liashko

Chief Sanitary Doctor

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