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"Red" zone of epidemiological danger: What regulations are in effect and how much violators will have to pay

As of November 1, 15 regions are in the "red" zone of epidemiological danger, only 2 remain in the "yellow" one, the rest live in the "orange" zone.

What are the "rules of the game" in the "red" zone

In the "red" zone, the work of shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and cafes is prohibited (you can order only takeaway and delivery), educational institutions (except for kindergartens and primary grades), non-food markets and shops, gyms, swimming pools, as well as holding mass events.

This time the lockdown in Ukraine will be different from the previous ones. The restrictions will not apply if 100% of workers and visitors to these establishments are fully immunized and have a "green" COVID certificate. If there is no relevant document, Ukrainians can alternatively present either a document on recovery from COVID-19, or a PCR/antigen test for coronavirus (valid for 72 hours).


Public transport does not stop in areas in the "red" zone. However, according to the updated quarantine restrictions, Ukrainians who have a "green" COVID certificate (with two doses), a negative PCR/antigen test certificate, or a certificate of recovery from coronavirus can use it.

The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection states the situation will be somewhat different for the residents of Kyiv. They will also be allowed to use transport with a "yellow" covid certificate.

The documents will not be checked at the entrance, but on a case by case basis by the authorized persons who will get into the transport.

Educational institutions

Schools and out-of-school institutions in the red zone are switching to distance learning. According to the government decree, only institutions with 100% of staff with "green" documents will be allowed to work.

Kyiv has announced istance learning for all schoolchildren from grades 1 to 11. It is not yet known when the schoolchildren will return to their classrooms.

Kindergartens will also be able to continue working, provided that 100% of the institution's staff are vaccinated. In Bukovyna, all kindergartens were sent to a two-week distance, despite the fact that all teachers are vaccinated and the region is in the "orange" zone.

Where can one go without a Covid certificate?

In the red zone, you can go to banks, grocery stores, use the services of filling stations, post offices, and veterinary clinics without a COVID certificate.

Who will check for certificates/tests

The National Police reports that the following people are authorized to check for Covid certificates among the population:

  • police officers;
  • public health doctors;
  • employees of the SState Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection;
  • passenger car attendants (in railway transport);
  • employees of the malls.


For violating the regulations in effect in the "red" zone of epidemiological safety legislation provides for penalties in the amount of 17,000 to 34,000 UAH. In each particular case, the amount of the fine will be determined in court.

If a fake vaccination certificate is found, the person faces a fine of up to 850 UAH, arrest for up to 6 months, or restriction of freedom for up to 2 years

For producing and distributing the fake vaccination documents, offenders can count on a fine of 17,000 UAH or imprisonment for up to 5 years.

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