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Day X for unvaccinated Ukrainians. Who will be suspended from work today

From today, suspension from work of Ukrainians of certain professions will begin because of their lack of vaccination against coronavirus. In Ukraine, an Order of the Ministry of Health on the compulsory immunization of employees in a number of areas came into force.

To continue working, the following employees must be vaccinated with at least one dose:

  • of central executive authorities and their territorial bodies;
  • local state administrations and their branches;
  • educational institutions (this includes preschool, school, extracurricular institutions, institutions of professional, professional before higher, higher, and specialized education, as well as institutions of all types and forms of ownership).

The management of the organizations and institutions specified in the Order of the Ministry of Health is responsible for suspending persons from their workplace.

If an employee in one of these areas has not been vaccinated, he or she will be suspended from work without pay. Moreover, the Social Insurance Fund notes that these persons will not be paid sick leave either. Persons who have a medical exemption confirmed by a doctor will be able to avoid suspension without undergoing compulsory vaccination.

Context. Earlier, the Head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Liashko announced that the list of professions fthe immunization against coronavirus is mandatory for could be expanded. It, he said, would include employees of the social services sector, employees of critical areas, institutions for the protection of children's rights, and rehabilitation institutions.

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