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Prime Minister: The enemy dwindles, and tens of thousands of reservists join Ukrainian army

russian enemy troops are running low, and in some areas they are forced to tactically retreat, while tens of thousands of reservists have joined the Ukrainian army. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal stated this during a briefing.

Quote"It is the 7th day of the national liberation war against the Russian occupier. Our soldiers are fighting like lions in all directions and holding the line firmly. The enemy is exhausted, and in some areas is forced to tactically retreat," the Prime Minister stated.

Shmyhal reported that weapons from different parts of the world are heading to Ukraine. And the main thing is that the confusion and fear that many people had had in the first two days of the war were replaced by composure and courage.

QuoteThe "iron curtain" is falling more and more over the aggressor. Global companies are leaving Russia because they do not want to be related to "blood money". Russia has practically declared a default. Most of the civilized countries closed the sky for Russia. At the same time, Ukraine is becoming stronger. The European Parliament has accepted Ukraine's application for EU membership," the head of government stressed.

Shmyhal also reminded that, despite everything, Ukraine is joining the European energy network ENTSO-E. Rallies are held all over the world in support of the country. Ukraine is now the center of the world struggle for freedom.

Quote"The government team is working together with the President of Ukraine in Kyiv and in certain places under wartime conditions. We will not go anywhere and will not surrender to the enemy. Yesterday we simplified the procedure for using the state budget reserve fund during martial law and that will allow us to quickly make decisions on allocating funds for the needs of the Ukrainian army," he said.

The government has also decided that humanitarian or technical assistance will come without delay and the application of any customs control measures on the basis of a simplified declaration.

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