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Paid vaccine against coronavirus: has been promised in summer, but will be available almost in winter

Ukrainians will be able to purchase vaccines against coronavirus, including those from Pfizer, no earlier than November 2021. Earlier, the Ministry of Health stated that commercial vaccine may appear in the summer or autumn.

Meanwhile, all ordered vaccines are state-owned, as stated by the Head of the faction Servant of the People David Arakhamia on the air of the TV channel Ukraine 24.

He also noted that now in Ukraine, fraudsters had become more active offering to purchase the vaccine. They ask for an advance payment, and after receiving it, they disappear.

The People's Deputy explained that in the near future the vaccine would not appear on the market in Ukraine, since all the largest manufacturers are loaded for a year in advance.

In particular, Pfizer announced that any reports of commercial vaccine shipments in November 2021 are fake.

Context. Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov stated at the end of March that none of the vaccine manufacturers were selling drugs against coronavirus to the commercial market. Therefore, for the time being, only the state vaccination program will operate in Ukraine.

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