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Mandatory PCR test and self-isolation: Ukraine tightens entry regulations

Ukraine changes the border crossing regulations from August. For instance, arriving unvaccinated Ukrainians and foreigners must do PCR testing for coronavirus, and those who come from Russia and India must undergo 14-day self-isolation.

This decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on July 28. The resolution will enter into force seven days after publication, Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said.

"Self-isolation or observation of the unvaccinated from COVID-19 will help control and reduce the chance of a new outbreak. For citizens of Ukraine who had departed before the resolution entered into force, can return home without restriction. When the resolution enters into force, citizens of Ukraine will continue to freely cross the border if they have at least one vaccination against COVID-19."

Viktor Liashko

Viktor Liashko

Chief Sanitary Doctor

According to Lyashko, if foreigners do not have a full course of vaccination, then they must present a negative PCR test for coronavirus and an insurance policy. If Ukrainians do not have one dose of vaccine, and foreigners do not have a full course, they will be offered to install the application Vdoma. If the test shows a positive result, they will have to self-isolate or go to a hospital.

As for the Ukrainians and foreigners who arrived from the Russian Federation and India, where the Delta strain is actively spreading and spent the last week there, they will be subject to mandatory self-isolation or observation for 14 days and will not be able to terminate it early.

Quote"The new Delta coronavirus strain is actively spreading in Europe. A large outbreak is recorded in the RF. We are proposing new border crossing regulations to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading in Ukraine. Also, due to these changes, we will be able to conduct better epidemiological investigations if a carrier is identified," Lyashko stated.

Context. On July 2, stricter quarantine rules entered into force in Ukraine due to the spread of the Delta coronavirus strain.

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