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Quarantine due to delta strain: new regulations for entering Ukraine have come into force

On July 2, Ukraine tightened quarantine regulations due to the spread of the delta strain of coronavirus. The changes, in particular, relate to crossing the state border.

The Cabinet of Ministers made the corresponding changes to the quarantine norms last week.

New regulations for entering Ukraine from July 2:

  • According to a report on the website of the Ministry of Health, Ukraine will monitor the health of those arriving from countries where the delta strain has already spread. To do this, testing points for determining coronavirus antigen are deployed at state border checkpoints.
  • In order for foreigners (other than permanently residing in the country), stateless persons and those who are over 12 years old and have arrived from countries such as India, Great Britain, Russia, and Portugal or have been on their territory for at least seven days in the last two weeks, to cross the state border, it is necessary to do rapid testing at checkpoints to determine the coronavirus antigen. If the result is negative, entry will be allowed, if not, then it will be prohibited.
  • At the same time, for Ukrainians, foreigners and stateless persons who live in the country (except for those under 12) and have come to Ukraine from India, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Russia, and Portugal or stayed on their territory for at least seven days during the last two weeks, the norm for passing express testing for determining antigen also applies. If the result is positive, they must be subject to self-isolation or observation.
  • The list of countries will be updated depending on the epidemic situation.

However, throughout the territory of Ukraine, as before, "green level" of epidemic danger is in force. The quarantine restrictions can be found here.

Context. Last week, two cases of the Delta coronavirus strain were detected in Ukraine. It is twice as contagious as the traditional Wuhan alpha strain, according to the World Health Organization.

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