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Officials started talking about compulsory vaccination in Ukraine


In Ukraine, vaccination against coronavirus can be made compulsory. However, this will depend on what decisions the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Ihor Kuzin will make, Oleh Ruban, Head of the Main Departament of the State Food and Consumer Service in Kyiv, said.

"If he makes such a decision, then it will be binding in all areas," the official confirmed.

According to Ruban, in this case, the district and local administrations together with the authorized territorial bodies will control the vaccination. Refusal to vaccinate will be punishable, since after the decision of the Chief Sanitary Doctor, vaccination will become compulsory.

"There is a provision of law on the protection of the population from infectious diseases—if there is a threat to others, and such a decision was made by the Chief State Sanitary Doctor, then this is compulsory," he explained.

Recall that Ukrainians are vaccinated with the following vaccines:

Context. Vaccination in Ukraine is now voluntary. Any Ukrainian independently makes a decision on vaccination, and no one has the right to force them to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

Since the beginning of vaccination against coronavirus in Ukraine, over 2.4 million people have been vaccinated, of which about 1.3 million people were vaccinated with two doses.

Citizens of Ukraine can get vaccinated both in mass vaccination centers and in private clinics. One can also register for vaccination online.

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