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Vaccination against coronavirus: online map of centres throughout Ukraine

A vaccination online map has been launched in Ukraine. Now everyone can quickly find the nearest centre where they can be vaccinated against coronavirus, as well as report violations. On another online map, you can check the current quarantine zones in Ukraine, as well as learn about the restrictions in each area.

Vaccination against coronavirus: what the online map shows

On the map, one can find the nearest coronavirus vaccination centre, view the number of people vaccinated at a specific vaccination centre, and report violations. To find a vaccination centre, it is necessary to manually zoom the map and find the most suitable place. Then one needs to click on the vaccination centre. After that, the user will see the name of the сутеку, the full name of the manager and contact information.

Regarding violations, the site assures that lawyers process and answer each appeal.

Also the website shows the number of possibly wasted vaccine doses—the number of probably disposed vaccine doses at all vaccination centres for the entire period of the vaccination campaign. The vaccination map website explains that each vial of AstraZeneca vaccine contains ten doses of the medication. They can be used within six hours, and unused ones must be disposed of.

"For instance: doctors of the Primary Health Care Center No. 1 of Podilskyi District in Kyiv, entered into the electronic system information about 28 inoculations carried out on March 31, 2021. Consequently, the vial containing 10 doses was not fully used, so the two unused doses on that day should be disposed of," the message says.

As of May 27, 2021, a total of 982,122 people were vaccinated against coronavirus in Ukraine, so 57,988 doses may have been wasted.

Immunization against COVID-19: where does the data for the online map come from

The data on vaccination against coronavirus in Ukraine in real time is downloaded from the Unified State Open Data Web Portal of the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU). The latter uses medical records of vaccinations. They are entered by doctors into the electronic health care system personally for each patient.

The discrepancy between the data on the map and the websites of the Ministry of Health and the National Security and Defense Council is explained by a different observation method. The data on the coronavirus vaccination map is based on personalized records in the NHSU electronic health system. The Ministry of Health and the NSDC independently collect operational information about the vaccinations carried out.

"We want every Ukrainian to be able to view the available vaccination centres and statistics on the use of vaccines. Timely and reliable information on vaccinations should be available to everyone without hindrance," the creators explain the purpose of the map.

The map was created with the support of the Embassy of France in Ukraine.


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