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Land, pensions, vaccination certificates, and tariffs: what will change from 1 July

Changes in Ukraine from July 1, 2021: land, pensions, tariffs, and vaccination certificates. Photo: UNIAN

Changes in Ukraine from July 1, 2021: land, pensions, tariffs, and vaccination certificates. Photo: UNIAN

From July 1, 2021, a number of changes will take place in Ukraine. They will concern the land market, reassessment of pensions, vaccination certificates, and electricity tariffs.

The Page has compiled information about what will change in Ukraine and who will be affected by these changes.


Land market

On July 1, 2021, a land market will open in Ukraine. Individuals will be able to acquire up to 100 hectares of land per person. Preliminary, the cost of one hectare of agricultural land will be $1,500—$2,000.

For the purchase of land, notaries will check the identity of the buyer, the purpose of the purchase, the total area of land owned, the ultimate beneficial owner of the legal entity, whether there are sanctions against the buyer, and his connection with terrorist activities. The ownership of land will be checked in several registries for data transparency.

When selling land, the owner is required to have a cadastral number of the plot, register ownership and have an extract from the State Register of Property Rights in hard or soft copy.

Documents for selling land in Ukraine from July 1:

  • extract from the State Land Cadastre;
  • copy and original of passport and taxpayer identification number;
  • document confirming the payment of the administrative fee;
  • a document on the land plot title (state act on the land ownership, contracts of sale, donation, exchange, court decision, certificate of the inheritance right).

Reassessment of pensions

In 2021, the pensions of Ukraininans should be reassessed three times: from July, October, and from December. In particular, from July 1, 2021, the minimum old-age pension will increase. The minimum pension cannot be less than the subsistence minimum. Due to the change in the subsistence minimum for disabled citizens, pensions will be reassessed. The reassessment will be made automatically.

  • The minimum pension payment will increase by 85 UAH—up to 1,854 UAH.
  • The maximum pension—by 850 UAH—up to 18,540 UAH.
  • The minimum payments for persons with disabilities resulting from war injuries: for group I—650% of the subsistence minimum; for group II—525%; for group III—360%.
  • The minimum payment for combatants will be 165% of the subsistence minimum—140 UAH.

However, the increase in pensions for Ukrainians aged 75+ was postponed to October 1, 2021. The decision to postpone the reassassment was made due to the lack of money from the state for additional payments for this category of pensioners.


Vaccination certificates

From July 1, 2021, beta testing of "covid certificates" in the application Diia starts in Ukraine. The Ukrainians who received 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine in Ukraine will be able to take part in it. One can register for beta testing here.

A covid certificate is a document in Diia that will confirm the status of vaccination in Ukraine and other countries. The authenticity of the document can be verified with a QR code. Later, a covid certificate can be generated after obtaining a negative PCR test result or if a person has recently had a coronavirus.


Electricity tariffs

The Cabinet of Ministers has extended the special obligations of the electricity market participants until August 1, 2021. Tariffs for the population will remain at the level of 1.68 UAH per 1 kWh. That is, the increase in electricity tariffs has been postponed for at least a month. Earlier, the Cabinet raised the tariff on January 1, 2021.

The Ministry of Energy plans to leave a reduced tariff for those who consume less than 100 kW of electricity. Such users will continue to pay 1.68 UAH per 1 kWh. For other consumers, the cost of a kilowatt can rise to 2-3 UAH.