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EU has showed vaccination passports, USA is on the way: how they will work

In the European Union, a European Health Certificate was presented that would come into effect from June 15, 2021.

It was presented by Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market, on the air of the French TV channel La Chaîne Info, Yevropeyska Pravda reports.

According to him, the document will contain:

  • date of birth;
  • passport number, verified by a QR code;
  • the type of vaccine if the person was vaccinated;
  • information about whether a person was sick with coronavirus and the presence of antibodies.

The certificate can be downloaded to a smartphone or used in a printed version. It will be in effect from June 15, but its use is "voluntary".

Quote"If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you won’t have one," Breton clarified, adding that for those who do not want to get vaccinated, the option of mass deployment of rapid tests is being considered, and after that a person can get on a plane or attend a mass event ( if there is a negative result).

In addition, the certificate still needs to be officially agreed between the EU member states.

USA vaccination passport

At the same time, a separate vaccination passport is being developed in the United States. According to The Washington Post, the presidential administration is working on this together with private companies.

The document will become free and will be available electronically and as an application on a smartphone, and those who do not have a smartphone will print it out.

The publication also notes that the US authorities want to make the vaccination certificate system as safe as possible from hacking and counterfeiting.

Context. Earlier, the European Commission published a draft vaccination passport (digital green certificate—"green passport") that will allow a person to move around the EU without constant tests and quarantine.

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