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"Vaccination passports": an online register of people being vaccinated will be created in Ukraine

Ukrainians who are vaccinated against coronavirus will be entered into a special electronic database so that later doctors will issue a certificate that patients have been vaccinated.

Deputy Minister of Health and Chief Sanitary Doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko, who initiated the idea, spoke about this on the air of the TV channel Ukraine 24. According to him, when "vaccination passports" are introduced in the world, the system will make it possible to promptly issue vaccination certificates.

Lyashko also said that the state is interested in vaccinating citizens for free and the government will do everything so that adult Ukrainians are vaccinated with two doses for free. He also added that Ukrainians will be able to purchase a paid vaccine from the second half of this year.

"Today the state is interested in vaccinating all segments of the population free of charge. Therefore, at the first stages, there is no need to consider the possibility of inoculation at your own expense in private institutions, since we are interested and have the resources to buy out all the vaccines that will enter or have the opportunity to enter the Ukrainian market. When we talk about the potential for paid vaccination, we are talking about at least the second half of 2021, but even that is not for sure."

Viktor Liashko

Viktor Liashko

Chief Sanitary Doctor

Context. The World Health Organization's Committee on Emergencies has recommended that countries not to require tourists to have a "vaccination passport" against coronavirus. The European Union, for its part, called the introduction of COVID-19 vaccination certificates a "medical necessity".

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