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The EU requires "vaccination passports", but WHO is against it. What awaits Ukrainians

What is known about the "vaccination passports". Photo: pixabay / fernandozhiminaicela

What is known about the "vaccination passports". Photo: pixabay / fernandozhiminaicela

The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Committee has recommended that countries do not require tourists to have "vaccination passports" against the coronavirus.

As reported reported on the department's website, such a decision following the Committee meeting is related to the fact that the vaccines’ effect on reducing the virus transmission has not yet been studied, and their availability is currently too limited. Therefore, the Committee advises countries to take evidence-based travel safety measures.

What does the European Union they think of the "vaccination passports"

The European Union, in turn, has called the introduction of COVID-19 vaccination certificates a "medical necessity".

As the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said, now this decision needs to be discussed at the pan-European level from a political and legal point of view, reports EurActiv.

"We must have a medical requirement to prove that people are vaccinated," she said.

It is also worth recalling that earlier the Prime Minister of Greece sent a letter to the head of the European Commission with a proposal to introduce this certificate, reports Reuters.

"Vaccination passports" in Ukraine

As for Ukraine, according to the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov, mass vaccination against coronavirus will begin in February 2021, and all vaccinated citizens of the country will receive the corresponding passports. This was stated by him on the air of the TV channel Ukraine 24.

"Everything that you say about passports, about all other documents that the European Union citizens will receive, will be received by citizens of Ukraine."

Maksym Stepanov

Maksym Stepanov

Minister of Healthcare

It is worth noting that we previously reported on countries that intend to introduce "vaccination passports''. It is about Poland, Denmark, Israel and others.

Context. Microsoft, Oracle and other companies have begun developing a digital vaccination passport confirming the presence of a coronavirus vaccine.

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