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New entry regulations, electronic passports, and digital checks: what will change in Ukraine from August 1

What will change from August 1: e-passports, entry regulations, e-checks. Photo: UNIAN

What will change from August 1: e-passports, entry regulations, e-checks. Photo: UNIAN

A number of changes will take place in Ukraine from August 1, 2021. They relate to the legalization of electronic passports, gas supplies, regulations for entering Ukraine, and the transition to electronic checks.

The Page has compiled information about what will change in Ukraine and who these changes will have an impact on.


New regulations of entry to Ukraine

From August 5, new regulations of entry into Ukraine come into force due to the spread of the Delta strain. For instance, foreigners must have an insurance policy in case of coronavirus disease.

In addition, they must have one of the following documents:

  • negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus made no more than 72 hours prior to arrival;
  • negative result of a rapid test for identifying coronavirus antigen done no more than 72 hours before crossing the border;
  • certificate of completion of the vaccination full course with drugs approved by WHO.

If there is no test or vaccination certificate, then the foreigner will have to install the application Vdoma and self-isolate within 72 hours. Self-isolation can only be completed after a negative coronavirus test.

At the same time, everyone who arrived from Russia or India and spent more than seven days on the territory of these states in the past two weeks must observe a mandatory 14-day self-isolation without the right to early termination.

Ukrainians, when crossing the border, must provide a document confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination against coronavirus or a certificate of the first vaccination according to the vaccination course.


Electronic passports

On August 23, a law comes into force that equates electronic passports with paper ones. Such passports obtained in the application Diia can be used in hospitals and banks or for identification purposes.

Also, electronic passports can be used at the post office to get parcels or letters. You can also buy tobacco and alcohol with such passports.

From August 23, digital documents in Diia will have the same legal force as paper or plastic counterparts.

However, these passports cannot be used to cross the border and when entering the temporarily occupied territories.


Crossing the border with Slovakia

Another change in August will affect border crossing. From August 1, all checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Slovak border will start working. The pedestrian checkpoint Mali Selmentsi—Veельké Slemence will also start working. Citizens will be able to cross the border at this point from 9:00 to 21:00.

In total, there are five checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Slovak border:

  • Uzhgorod—Vyšné Nemecké;
  • Ubľa—Malyi Bereznyi;
  • Matevce—Uzhgorod;
  • Chop—Čierna nad Tisou;
  • Mali Selmentsi—Veельké Slemence.

Electronic checks

Since August 1, Ukraine has changed the requirements for a fiscal sales receipt. Now, after paying by card, the check will appear in the client's bank application. This update will eliminate paper checks. In addition, a guarantee and other documents may be included in the banks' application.

At the same time, this function is not available in all stores, because banks need to cooperate with each store individually.

Additionally, institutions from the service sector must install the program cash register service Checkbox. Dueto this, banks will be able to save checks in the bank's application.


Naftogaz has become a backup gas supplier for all consumers

Since August 1, 2021, Naftogaz has become a supplier of "the last resort" for all gas consumers. Such a decision by NEURC should protect the rights of consumers in the case that the main supplier cannot fulfill its obligations for any reason.

According to Valerii Tarasiuk, the Head of NEURC, consumers will always be provided with heat, even if the district heating companies do not receive natural gas, then Naftogaz automatically becomes its supplier.

The regulator made this decision in July 2021 in connection with the opening of a full-fledged competitive gas market. Naftogaz, as a supplier of "the last resort", will provide consumers in conditions when:

  • the heat energy producer is left without a supplier;
  • the current supplier does not have a confirmed nomination for the needs of a heat energy producer.