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Top paid professions in Ukraine: Who earns the most and where

The average salary of formally employed personnel in Ukraine, according to the State Statistics Service, amounted to 14,000 UAH in November. However, there are professions whose representatives earn more. Who and how much one earns in Ukraine by vacancies, in what regions the salaries are the highest, what the most paid vacancies are in different regions of the country—in the article of The Page.


Top salaries in Ukraine by vacancies

According to the personnel portal grc.ua (formerly HeadHunter), the salaries in 2021 did not undergo negative changes, although the average salary specified in the vacancies of the Ukrainian companies did not increase much. "However, taking into account the official inflation rate, the Ukrainians, unfortunately, did not earn more," the report states.

For instance, the average salary level in the IT and telecom sectors in November 2021 amounted to 62,800 UAH, which is the highest figure among all areas. Eight months ago—in April 2021—it was 51,500 UAH. That is, for eight months it increased by 11,300 UAH. Senior management ranks second with an average salary of 44,500 UAH, which is 4,300 UAH more than eight months earlier. Next come consulting (according to grc.ua, this sector entered the five highest average salaries in Ukraine not so long ago)—30,500 UAH (- 1,100 UAH); insurance—25,600 UAH (+ 2,000 UAH), as well as construction and real estate—28,500 UAH (+ 6,000 UAH).

In general, over the past eight months, the average salary for all vacancies increased by 1,300 UAH—from 17,100 to 18,400 UAH.

According to Ruslana Berezovska, the Head of the think tank grc.ua, in the difficult period that the business experienced in 2021, it will optimize costs or resort to more radical measures—reducing salaries and the personnel in general.

QuoteDuring this period, IT companies, as well as the companies engaged in agriculture and manufacturing, felt most confident [for eight months the salary increased by almost 10,000 UAH in these sectors—up to 25,300 UAH]. This can be seen in the dynamics of salaries throughout the year," she says.

Berezovska also notes that the lockdown and the companies’ temporary suspension of work in some areas provoked the migration of personnel and people who were left without work were looking for a new one in related areas. Retail, service sector, and are the most affected by this. Note that these areas, on average, already have low salaries. For example, in November the average salary in sales amounted to 17,000 UAH, which is 2,100 UAH more than in April; and in tourism—13,500 UAH, which is 100 UAH less than eight months ago.

"At the end of the spring lockdown, the employers in these areas began to look for employees to replace those who quit. The increase in vacancies with low salaries affected the average salary."

Ruslana Berezovska

Ruslana Berezovska

Head of the think tank at the personnel portal grc.ua

Top 10 regions by average salary in all vacancies:

  • Kyiv—the average salary was 34,200 UAH in April, and in November it was UAH 32,400 UAH (- 1,800 UAH);
  • Kharkiv region—the average salary for eight months here fell by 15,700 UAH—from 32,800 UAH to 17,100 UAH;
  • Odessa region—here the salary fell slightly less, namely by almost 6,000 UAH—from 27,400 UAH to 21,400 UAH;
  • Lviv region—the salary in the region fell by 7,800 UAH—22,300 UAH to 14,400 UAH;
  • Dnipropetrovsk region—on average, people began to earn 4,000 UAH less—from 21,200 UAH to 17,200 UAH;
  • Luhansk region—here the salary increased by almost 2,000 UAH—from 19,100 to 21,000 UAH;
  • Cherkasy region—in this region, the salary fell by almost 6,000 UAH—from 17,900 UAH to 12,100 UAH;
  • Chernihiv region—the salaries also fell here. From 17,700 UAH to 16,200 UAH, that is, by 1,500 UAH;
  • Donetsk region—here the salary has not changed much. It fell by only 300 UAH—from 17,600 UAH to 17,300 UAH;
  • Kirovohrad region—in this region, the salary increased by more than 3,000 UAH—from 17,000 UAH to 20,100 UAH.

Who is paid the most in different regions of Ukraine

There are professions in Ukraine whose representatives are paid even more than in the IT sector. Let's find out what kind of work is paid the most in different regions of the country.

  • Kyiv—traffic manager / media buyer (from $10,000, or from 272,000 UAH);
  • Dnipropetrovsk region—C# programmer (from $5,500, or from 149,600 UAH);
  • Kharkiv region—full-stack developer ($5,000—$6,000, or 130,000—163,000 UAH);
  • Odesa region—Senior Frontend Vue.js (for humanize technology) ($4,000—$6,000, or 108,800—163,200 UAH);
  • Kyiv region—Node.JS Full-Stack developer ($3,200—$4,000, or 87,000—108,800 UAH);
  • Lviv region—international driver (€2,300—€3,000, or 70,600 UAH—92,100 UAH);
  • Zaporizhzhia region—international driver (€2,300—€3,000, or 70,600 UAH—92,100 UAH);
  • Donetsk region—sales manager for equipment at incoming requests (remotely) ($390—$2,300, or 10,600 UAH—62,500 UAH);
  • Vinnytsia region—Senior PHP programmer (from $3,300, or from 91,100 UAH);
  • Mykolaiv region—category C, E dumper truck driver (25,000 UAH—36,000 UAH);
  • Cherkasy region—picker (23,000 UAH—30,500 UAH);
  • Poltava region—transport logistics director (project manager) (30,000 UAH—60,000 UAH);
  • Zhytomyr region—manager of educational courses (16,300 UAH—34,000 UAH);
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region—category C, E dumper truck driver (25,000 UAH—36,000 UAH);
  • Sumy region—demo teacher (16,300 UAH—34,000 UAH);
  • Rivne region—drilling rig operator / driller (AtlasCopco) (from 30,000 UAH);
  • Chernihiv region—goods picker (22,000 UAH—30,500 UAH);
  • Volyn region—Senior PHP programmer (from 91,100 UAH);
  • Kherson region—sales manager (leading manager) (26,500 UAH—30,000 UAH);
  • Ternopil region—German customer support agent (remotely) (18,000 UAH—27,000 UAH);
  • Chernivtsi region—sales manager with with competence in English (15,000 UAH—40,000 UAH);
  • Zakarpattia region—Bolt taxi driver (20,000 UAH—25,000 UAH);
  • Khmelnytskyi region—product manager (agricultural PPA, micronutrient fertilizers) (20,000 UAH—50,000 UAH);
  • Kirovohrad region—debugging and testing area engineer (from 20,000 UAH);
  • Luhansk region—service sales manager (remotely) (27,200 UAH—43,500 UAH).

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