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Top managers, IT specialists, and builders: rating of the most paid professions in Ukraine

In July, the average salary in Ukraine amounted to a record 14,300 UAH ($530). At the same time, almost 60% of employers offered from 9,500 UAH to their new employees. And 24% of companies were ready to pay more than 19,100 UAH, according to the results of the personnel portal grc.ua research, Finance.ua reports.

Another 19% of employees could count on a salary from 28,000 UAH, and only 4% offered a salary from 47,800 UAH.

Top 3 highest paid professions in Ukraine

  • Senior executives rank first, on average they are offered 54,000 UAH. Their salaries increased by 16% compared to the June level;
  • IT/telecom specialists rank second. The average salary in the industry is about 53,800 UAH. In comparison with June, their salaries, on the contrary, decreased by 1%;
  • Construction and real estate experts rank third. Their average salary in July amounted to 26,200 UAH.

In general, out of 28 professions, salaries increased among representatives of 16 categories.

The salaries increased the most in the following professions:

  • transport and logistics specialists, compared to June, their salaries increased by 66%;
  • specialists from the field of jurisprudence. Their salaries increased by 28% in July;
  • specialists from the field of personnel management. Compared to June, their salaries increased by 19%;
  • workers in the field of agriculture, their salaries increased by 16%.

At the same time, the biggest decrease in salary in July was observed in:

  • candidates from the field of accounting and enterprise financial management (-27%);
  • specialists from the sports and beauty industry (-26%);
  • representatives of the category Art and Media (-24%).
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