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Average salary in Ukraine increased to record $530

The average salary of full-time employees in June amounted to 14,300 UAH. Over the past year, real incomes in Ukraine have grown by 12.9%, according to data from the State Statistics Service.

At the same time, compared to May 2021, actual wages increased by 5.8%. Now the average salary is 2.4 times higher than the minimum one.

In dollars, the average salary reached an all-time high; according to the exchange rate in mid-June, Ukrainians earned an average of $530.

  • The residents of Kyiv earned the most—20,455 UAH;
  • Donetsk region—14,988 UAH;
  • Kyiv region—14,679 UAH.

At the same time, workers earned less in:

  • Kirovohrad region—11,497 UAH;
  • Kherson region—12,110 UAH;
  • Volyn region—12,126 UAH.

Previously, the average salary in Ukraine never exceeded $500, except for December 2019 and 2020. In June, the increase in wages was determined by bonuses and annual allowances.

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