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Tourism during pandemic: top 10 most popular countries for Ukrainians in 2021

The spread of the coronavirus and closed borders have failed to deter Ukrainians from traveling. In addition, the number of foreigners traveling to Ukraine has also increased, the State Border Guard Service reports.

In the first half of 2021, Turkey, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates were among the popular destinations for Ukrainians. And the most popular country was Poland.

Top 10 most popular destinations for Ukrainians

  • Poland—more than 1.9 million visits;
  • Turkey—774,500 (6.2 times more compared to the same period in 2020);
  • Egypt—more than 705,000 (the growth doubled);
  • Hungary—more than 671,000;
  • Russia—more than 371,000;
  • Romania—almost 294,000;
  • Belarus—114,500;
  • Slovakia—more than 112,000;
  • Moldova—almost 107,000;
  • UAE—84,700.

Top 10 countries from where tourists come to Ukraine


At the same time, among foreigners, the greatest interest in Ukraine was shown by the Turkish citizens, moreover, the demand for travel increased by 29%. Also, citizens of Germany and the United States traveled to Ukraine, but most of the tourists were from Moldova.

  • Moldova—368,300;
  • Russia—198,300;
  • Romania—109,400;
  • Belarus—96,300;
  • Turkey—93,100;
  • Poland—77,500;
  • Hungary—75,900;
  • Germany—39,600 (increased sixfold compared to the same period in 2020);
  • USA—34,100 (increased by 1.5 times);
  • Israel—26,600.
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