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Traveling to Europe: what countries are Ukrainians allowed to enter and with what vaccines


European countries are gradually opening up to tourists. The European Council has not yet recognized Ukrainian vaccination certificates and has not opened external borders. However, many countries around the world have opened up for Ukrainians where they can spend their holidays.

Now, beta testing of vaccination certificates is underway in Ukraine. They may allow traveling to the EU, however, subject to bilateral recognition of such documents. The Page has been figuring out what countries vaccinated Ukrainians can travel to.

Vaccines approved in EU

In most open European countries, one can only travel with vaccines that are approved in the EU. However, some supplement this list with WHO-approved vaccines.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved the following vaccines:

Recall that Ukrainians are vaccinated with the following vaccines:

What countries allow vaccinated persons to enter


Greece has resumed visa-free travel for vaccinated Ukrainians. One can also enter the country to spend holiday with one of these documents:

  • a negative result of PCR test for coronavirus in English done no earlier than 72 hours before entry;
  • a certificate of completion of vaccination no earlier than 14 days before the date of entry;
  • a certificate of being sick with coronavirus and recovery or the presence of the corresponding antibodies in English.

Before flying to Greeceone also needs to register on a special website.


Bulgaria is one of the popular holiday destinations. The country also allowed those Ukrainians to enter who can confirm the completion of vaccination or provide certificates of:

  • the presence of a negative test result for coronavirus;
  • being sick with coronavirus.


Similar regulations apre in force in Croatia. However, in addition to certificates of completed vaccination, being sick with coronavirus or a negative test for coronavirus, one will have to register on a special website.

Also Croatian authorities allow one to provide the result of a rapid antigen test for COVID-19. This test can be done upon arrival.


Since June 10, 2021, Ukraine has reached an agreement with Hungary on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates against coronavirus. From June 11, Ukrainians can travel to the country with Ukrainian certificates of full vaccination.


Since June 7, Spain has opened to tourists from non-EU countries. The main condition for entry is the presence of completed vaccination with drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Also, Spain will allow the entry of the tourists vaccinated with the drugs approved by WHO, including all vaccines that are used for inoculations in Ukraine.


Austria allowed entry to Ukrainians who can present a vaccination certificate in English or German. An important condition is that the tourist must get the last dose of the vaccine at least 14 days before crossing the border.

Subject to the availability of such a certificate, one does not need to register or self-isolate. Austria recognizes the vaccines used for inoculations in Ukraine:

  • Pfizer / BioNTech;
  • CoronaVac;
  • AstraZeneca.

It is also allowed to enter Austria without vaccination — subject to the availability of these documents:

  • negative test result for coronavirus;
  • confirmation that the tourist has had a coronavirus.

Additionally, one needs to register and self-isolate for 10 days.


The Netherlands has also allowed entry for vaccinated Ukrainians. Subject to the availability of a vaccination certificate, one does not need to register and self-isolate.

In particular, the Netherlands recognizes all vaccines that are used in Ukraine.


Estonia has allowed entry of fully vaccinated Ukrainians for tourism purposes. At the same time, no more than a year should pass from the moment of full vaccination to cross the border.

All vaccines used in Ukraine are recognized in Estonia.


Since June 25, Germany has allowed the entry of vaccinated Ukrainians in order to visit relatives, friends and for tourism purposes.

Full vaccination must be completed no later than 14 days before the date of entry. Persons who have been vaccinated with one of the drugs recognized by the European Medicines Agency can enter Germany.

To enter the country, one must present a digital European COVID certificate or an analogue of vaccination confirmation in digital or paper form, issued in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

Where can you go without a foreign passport

Despite the visa-free regime, Ukrainians can travel to some countries with an ID card and without a foreign passport. According to the State Migration Service, you can only travel to Turkey and Georgia without a foreign passport.

At the same time, Ukraine plans to conclude an agreement on the mutual recognition of ID-cards with Moldova. It is not yet known when the opportunity to travel without a foreign passport to Moldova will become available for Ukrainians.