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Prices for renting houses near Kyiv: how much does it cost to rent a summer cottage for the summer

Renting a house near Kyiv for the summer for the second consecutive year is a long-distance obstacle race. First, the quality supply in the surrounding suburban areas is completely gobbled up by mid-April. Secondly, renting a summer cottage for the season has increased in price: in comparison with 2019, the average cost increased by 60%, and in some cases even by 100%. How much does it cost to rent a house near Kyiv for the summer and what is the price outlook for renting suburban real estate?

Last year, the suburban real estate market was faced with a feverish demand that completely gobbled up all the exposed lots within a radius of up to 60 km to Kyiv. People were driving away from the closed city closer to nature, where one can leave the four walls and not worry about the regime of self-isolation.

This caused an explosive growth in prices for renting summer cottages and houses, and that led to a rise in the price tag by two or three times. The duration of the house exposition decreased to a few days, and the rent duration at that time increased by two months, including April-May.

In 2021, the demand for renting houses near Kyiv is still high, but it does not reach the level of last year. The mass desire to move out to the suburbs has subsided a little, although the percentage of "summer residents" in the overall structure of demand has grown by 25%, when compared with 2019. This is stated by Roman Solonchuk, a suburban real estate specialist.

According to his observations, cottages, townhouses, and private houses within 20-30 km from Kyiv are grabbed up best of all. The leading directions remain the settlements along the Odesa and Zhytomyr highways. These areas account for about 50% of the demand. The average range of prices for renting a country house near Kyiv for the summer is $800-3,500 per month.

The minimum threshold of prices is accounted for by compact townhouses in Irpin, Bucha, Hatne, Vyshneve. Their area often does not exceed the square of a 1-room apartment in Kyiv, but the availability of 1-2 hundred square metres of land and the ability to equip a lounge for relaxation determines the value.

Full-fledged cottages with a small area of 80-120 sq. m cost an average of $1,000-1,500. They have everything one needs for a comfortable stay: a separate living room, two or three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a barbecue area, one or even two parking spaces.

Extensive infrastructure in the district, including as part of a cottage community, landscaping and security also affect the cost and choice. For convenience, privacy and service, one will have to pay more than average by 30-50%.

In the business class segment, the rental price within a radius of 30 km from Kyiv starts from $1,500 for the house up to 100 square meters and from $ 2,000-2,500 for a large area. For such a cheque, you will get a cottage with an area of 200 sq. m or more with a high-quality renovation, as well as an additional level of amenities: a sauna, a swimming pool, a bathhouse, a garage, a fireplace lounge, and so on. Moreover, usually the plots in such projects will be at least 7 hundred square metres.

By the way, the size of the plot and the distance from Kyiv are two significant cost criteria. The smaller the number of hundred square metres, the worse the landscaping of the patio and the greater the distance from Kyiv, the lower the price. A house with an excellent renovation, but without comfortable transport accessibility from the capital, a barbecue area, a full-fledged patio will lose at least $500 in price, experts of the suburban rental market share their observations with The Page.

According to Inha Semenova, a realtor of the suburban market, access to the water with a private beach raises the cheque for renting a house for the summer near Kyiv by 2-3 times. An object in the business segment will already cost $4,000-6,000.

If you are looking for an economical option for renting a summer house for the summer of 2021, you should pay attention to settlements within a radius of 60 km or more from Kyiv. House with a bearable renovation minimum—$350-400. Over the past year, the price has increased by $150-200 for such lots.

However, for 90% of summer cottage tenants, not only the utilities system, amenities, and infrastructure are important, but also communication with the outside world, that is, the Internet. People prefer to work remotely or while away the time watching movies. And the cheapest houses for rent near Kyiv cannot boast of either the Internet or a decent connection.

Therefore, they are more often looking for more comfortable living conditions with a fresh renovation, a landscaped patio and additional functions. The average cost of renting a summer house in the summer of 2021 within 50-60 km from Kyiv, according to Semenova, will be at the level of $600-800.

Quote"If you want to rent an affordable house for the summer, you should hurry up: the summer cottage season has already begun, and the supply is decreasing every day," the expert advises.

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