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Victoria Bereshchak

Victoria Bereshchak

Real Estate Editor

Tax on the sale of real estate in Ukraine in 2021

Finding a good realtor, paying commission for their services, placing an offer for sale and waiting—this is hardly a complete list of what the owner of real estate in Ukraine has to do. You will also have to pay a state fee, and in some cases—notary services as well.

Real estate tax in Ukraine in 2021: who and how much will have to pay

The real estate tax in Ukraine in 2021 will oblige Ukrainians to pay up to 70.8 UAH for every extra square meter of apartment or house area. Who is obliged to pay it and how the real estate tax rate is determined in our country, read in the article of The Page.

Prices for renting houses near Kyiv: how much does it cost to rent a summer cottage for the summer

Renting a house near Kyiv for the summer for the second consecutive year is a long-distance obstacle race. First, the quality supply in the surrounding suburban areas is completely gobbled up by mid-April. Secondly, renting a summer cottage for the season has increased in price: in comparison with 2019, the average cost increased by 60%, and in some cases even by 100%. How much does it cost to rent a house near Kyiv for the summer and what is the price outlook for renting suburban real estate?

Apartments in Kyiv in summer: price outlook for housing rental

After a historic low in the spring of 2020, the apartment rental market managed to recover and strengthen by the beginning of 2021. Prices went up, but some of the lots remained outside the market. What will happen to the cost of apartment rental in the summer, where to look for a cheap apartment for rent in Kyiv, read in the article of The Page.

How much is housing near Kyiv: price outlook for apartments, townhouses and cottages in the suburbs

The coronavirus epidemic has become a real apple of youth for the housing market in the suburbs of Kyiv: since 2020, there has been a boom in the construction of new cottage townships and townhouses near the Ukrainian capital, and apartment buildings with a high-quality and diverse living environment are in steady demand. The Page has been figuring out what is happening with the cost of real estate in the suburbs, and what is the price outlook for apartments, townhouses, and cottages near Kyiv.

Outlook for for apartments prices in Kyiv in the summer of 2021: what will happen to the housing cost

The accelerated inflation in the spring, as well as the growth of prime cost, in particular of labor and basic building materials, are the main factors affecting the rise in prices for apartments in new buildings.

What 2020 is remembered for to the residential real estate market of Ukraine

The expiring year was full of suddenesses and surprises: the coronavirus epidemic, quarantine, affordable mortgages at 10%, the collapse in State Architectural and Construction Inspection (SACI) with regards to issuing building permits and commissioning certificates, changing purchasing trends and development models. Read about the main events on the primary real estate market in 2020 in The Page review.

Cottage communities near Kyiv: how 2020 has brought back the fashion for countryside real estate

Lagging behind in terms of consumer demand in the past five years, the countryside real estate market has experienced a boom in popularity in 2020 due to increased interest. The Page decided to find out how cottage communities are developing near Kyiv and in the Kyiv region, what is happening with supply and demand, how much a cottage near Kyiv costs at the end of 2020.

Rent a house or apartment on New Year’s Eve: how much will it cost to rent a property for the holidays

During New Year's holidays there is always a surge in rental housing market activity. People are looking for a house or apartment on New Year’s Eve near Kyiv and in Kyiv, sometimes overpaying at exorbitant prices. This year, renting a house for the New Year holidays will be even more expensive than before. The Page has been studying how much it costs to rent a house for New Year’s Eve in 2020.

Warehousing property market review in Ukraine in Q3 2020: minimum vacancy

Warehouses in Ukraine have changed pace to a deficit: the amount of warehouse space leased in Q3 2020 have exceeded the figure for the same period last year by 75%, while in the first nine months, Kyiv and its suburbs did not receive a new supply. The Page is reporting about what is happening in the segment of warehousing property in Ukraine and what is the forecast for the warehouse sector.