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Cottage communities near Kyiv: how 2020 has brought back the fashion for countryside real estate

Cottages near Kyiv are in demand / 100realty.ua

Cottages near Kyiv are in demand / 100realty.ua

Lagging behind in terms of consumer demand in the past five years, the countryside real estate market has experienced a boom in popularity in 2020 due to increased interest. The Page decided to find out how cottage communities are developing near Kyiv and in the Kyiv region, what is happening with supply and demand, how much a cottage near Kyiv costs at the end of 2020.

Cottage communities: supply and demand

At the moment, in the countryside real estate market, the buyer, in addition to traditional apartments in residential complexes, is offered several formats of real estate. These are cottages, city houses, townhouses, which in turn can be duplexes, triplexes, quadrexes, depending on the number of sections in the house.

The more sections, the lower the level of privacy and personal space. But this is an option for those who want to either buy a house of a larger area for less money, or are looking for an alternative to an apartment in terms of area and price. There are small duplexes of 60-80 sq. m. But it should be understood that through the fence you will have neighbors and their yard.

At the moment, in the Kyiv region within a radius of 110 km from the capital there are 275 cottage communities, 122 of them have townhouses. These can be options with a mix of real estate, sometimes monoformats, that is, only cottage communities or only townhouses.

The countryside real estate market felt a surge in consumer demand at the end of the first quarter of 2020—quarantine and related restrictions prompted Ukrainians to look for opportunities to be outdoors more often after being imprisoned within the four walls of apartments.

Countryside real estate has become an ideal alternative. Therefore, in the second and third quarters, we saw a boom in the construction of new cottage communities near Kyiv. During the summer months and the beginning of autumn, more than 10 new properties entered the market in total. Most of them offer townhouses in different variations, but there are also traditional cottages.

Cottage community in the Kyiv region: how much is a house worth

Buying a cottage near Kyiv, according to the LUN service, can be in the price range from 250 thousand to 90 million UAH. In 5 cottage communities there is lending, in 192 there is installment.

The walls can be made of gas concrete block that is a cheap material, brick, ceramic block. These are the most popular options. Cottages made of SIP panels, foam blocks, gas concrete blocks and even wood are also offered.

Common options are two-level houses with an area of 85—140 sq. m. However, there are options with a smaller area, as well as a large number of cottages exceeding an area of 150 sq. m.

These are whole houses with a household plot of 6-10 hundreds of sq. m., a barbecue area, and sufficient personal space.

How much are townhouses and cottages near Kyiv worth?

The cost of duplexes and triplexes is on average 10-15% lower than that of a detached house of similar size and characteristics. Each section, that is, the house, has its own cadastral certificate and becomes the full property of the owner.

The average price for townhouses with an area of 70—90 sq. m starts from 850 thousand UAH, and houses with an area of 110 sq. m and more cost from 1.1—1.2 million UAH.

To buy a small cottage near Kyiv within an hour's drive from the capital, you need to have a budget of 2 million UAH and more. Most of the supply is concentrated from 3.5 million UAH. There are options for detached houses with an area of 65 sq. m at a price of 1.3—1.5 million UAH.

Prices for cottages and townhouses in the Kyiv region largely depend on the distance from the capital, location and concept of the community.

As a rule, the real estate developer creates the minimum infrastructure: children's play areas, driveways and pedestrian roads, a protected closed area, recreation areas, a store. They are trying to place their cottage community in a comfortable distance from shops, schools, kindergartens in the neighboring settlements.

Speaking of higher level of comfort cottage communities with a multifunctional infrastructure and spatial planning, the purchase price of a cottage increases by 30%. This is a margin for the comfort created in the open field.

What to pay attention to when buying a cottage in the Kyiv region

When buying real estate in a cottage community near Kyiv, you must definitely check the documents for the land, a building permit from the developer, and ask about communications. Often this will be a septic tank option, but this is not critical in modern conditions, when many solutions have been created. The only question is the quality of this sewer system.

You also need to find out about water supply, electricity, gas supply, ventilation. Then get acquainted with the very project of the cottage community and the house that you are buying: ask about the construction technology, the materials used, including insulation. Heat loss, and therefore the microclimate and energy efficiency will depend on what material and how well the house is insulated.

The matters of parking, infrastructure—social and recreational, security of the territory, utility payments for operation and maintenance are also important. Tentatively you need to find out about the set of benefits that the developer offers, and about the tariffs of the management company.

A list of basic documents that you should pay attention to when buying a cottage or townhouse:

  • developer’s building permit;
  • title documentation for a land plot and a house;
  • technical passport of the house with a floor plan;
  • cadastral certificate;
  • contracts for connection to communications.


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