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Rent a house or apartment on New Year’s Eve: how much will it cost to rent a property for the holidays

Renting a house or apartment on New Year's Eve has already increased/Gorodenkoff/shutterstock

Renting a house or apartment on New Year's Eve has already increased/Gorodenkoff/shutterstock

During New Year's holidays there is always a surge in rental housing market activity. People are looking for a house or apartment on New Year’s Eve near Kyiv and in Kyiv, sometimes overpaying at exorbitant prices. This year, renting a house for the New Year holidays will be even more expensive than before. The Page has been studying how much it costs to rent a house for New Year’s Eve in 2020.

Due to the upcoming lockdown and the coronavirus crisis consequences, many people have given up overseas travel and long trips for the New Year holidays. The idea of celebrating the New Year in a close or not so close circle of family and friends seems much more attractive, given the instability of the situation.

That is why, according to the interviewed realtors, as soon as it became known when there would be a hard lockdown, the demand for rental housing for the New Year holidays in Kyiv and near Kyiv rose at least three times.

"Most often people are looking for a cottage on New Year's Eve in the suburbs of the capital within a radius of up to 30 km with 3-4 bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, a barbecue area and a fresh redecoration. The range of desired prices in the opinion of Kyiv residents is within $300, maximum $400 per night if there is a pool. At the same time, the owners ask from $600-700 and more," shares her observations of the market Olha Shtorhun, the realtor.

Moreover, most of the lots have already been booked, and this reservation was not canceled even during the period when Ukraine was threatened with a lockdown in December. Given the excitement surge, realtors have expanded the search radius for offers. They find options for their customers 35-50 km from Kyiv with saunas, high-quality redecoration, a fireplace, but they are not very successful in cutting the price.

"An owner rarely makes concessions—only if a house is rented for three days or more. Then the discount can reach $50 per night," says Shtorhun.

Speaking of a more modest offer in small townhouses up to 100-120 sq. m, there are still opportunities to rent a house on the New Year’s Eve in the range of $200—300 per night.

Renting a multi-room apartment on New Year’s Eve in the center of the capital will cost from $800. If this is a viewing apartment with a high-quality redecoration, the price rises to $1,000 per night.

On the left bank it is possible to rent an apartment for the holidays for $300—500 per night, some even offer apartments that are not very prepared for rent on New Year's Eve at a price of $100—200. According to realtors, these are owners who, desperate to find guests, want to hit a quick jackpot at least during the holidays.

Note that the price tag for renting houses, cottages, and apartments on New Year's Eve over the past week has grown by $50—150 depending on the size and quality of real estate characteristics. The closer the New Year is, the less liquid renting options remain for the holidays.

In order not to get into hot water, it is very important to correctly draw up an apartment rental agreement and sign it by both parties. This will protect you from apartment speculators and help resolve disputes that may arise in the future. It is better if a professional realtor is involved in drawing up the contract or the document is certified by a notary.


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