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Death penalty in Belarus and threat of UK’s demolition: Western media digest as of April 27

On Monday, April 25, the third month of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began. From the very beginning, our struggle has not left the pages of the Western media.

On April 27, the media reported about Russia's sanctions against British MPs, new spine tinglers of Putin and his satellites, the determination of the West to provide Ukraine with weapons, and the upcoming negotiations between the U.S. President and the Italian Prime Minister.

In addition, Belarusian partisans now face the death penalty for trying to cut off the supply of deadly weapons to the occupiers of Ukraine.

The Page offers an up-to-date digest on the 63rd day of active Russian invasion in English-language online outlets.

Johnson calls Russia’s sanctions a "badge of honour"

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The Guardian cites British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as advising members of the House of Commons who have been sanctioned by Russia to regard it as a "badge of honour".

Conservative MP, Ben Everitt, raised the issue at PMQs this afternoon, where he asked the PM:

Quote"Within the last hour or so it’s been reported that 287 members of this House have been sanctioned by the Russian state. Now I’m sure nobody here is rushing to change their summer holiday plans, but perhaps the Prime Minister will assure us that he will continue his excellent relationship with President (Volodymyr) Zelensky and continue to provide the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian military with the support that they need?"

In response, Johnson said:

Quote"It’s I think no disrespect to those who haven’t been sanctioned, when I say that all those 287 should regard it as a badge of honour. And what we will do is keep up our robust and principled support for the Ukrainian people and their right to protect their lives, their families, and to defend themselves."

West: We are entitled to arm Ukraine

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

The Guardian also reports that, according to Western officials, "they are trying to inflict cost on Russia" by supplying more arms and ammunition to reduce its offensive capabilities and its ability to project threat against its neighbours and the West.

The remarks demonstrate how western policy towards the war in Ukraine has evolved and hardened as the fighting enters its third month.

One official said:

Quote"There is a Russian narrative that this is a proxy war between Russia and NATO. It isn’t. We are supporting Ukraine in their self defense."

The Western officials stress that they are entitled to provide military support to any state exercising its right to self defense.

Russia’s offensive in the Donbas is continuing slowly, not helped by the current weather.

Quote"Russians don’t like to fight in the rain," the Western officials say.

At the same time, the Ukrainian forces are showing some ability to stage counter attacks, although not yet able to push back Russian positions substantially.

Putin threatens West with retaliation

Collage with Getty Images

Collage with Getty Images

Sky News reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin again stated that the objectives regarding Ukraine "will definitely be carried out."

Speaking to the Council of Legislators in St Petersburg, he assured what he called the "special military operation" in Ukraine, which Kyiv calls a genocide, would guarantee the safety of people in the Donbas and Crimea.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

He also had words of caution for the West, saying:

Quote"The plans to strangle us economically have failed".

Putin added that any countries trying to interfere in the conflict would face "quick" retaliation.

Russia’s mistake opened door for West

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Sky News also cites Charlie Cooper, a former military and economic advisor to the Pentagon, as saying that Russia has blundered into a massive strategic mistake.

According to him, the West provided arms to Ukraine at the start of the conflict but largely expected this to be "futile". Now the Kremlin's massive mistake is becoming clearer every day.

Quote"It opens the door for countries of the West to continue supplying arms in greater numbers and in greater levels of quality for different types of combat," Cooper believes.

Also, the allies will continue ratcheting up economic sanctions in a way that continues to put pressure on Russia that Russia didn't expect and is having a hard time dealing with, he added.

Moscow, according to the expert, is trying to make it seem as though it is a "victim of Western aggression". But he stressed:

Quote"We in the West are not at war with Russia. Regardless, what they like to say."

Biden waits for Draghi in Washington

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Reuters reports that the U.S. President Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will meet in Washington in May to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine among other issues.

Biden will host his Italian counterpart at the White House on May 10 ahead of the G7 and NATO summits in June, the White House said in a statement.

Quote"The focus of the meeting will be on coordination with the Allies on measures to support the Ukrainian people and counter Russia's unjustified aggression," Draghi's office said in its statement.

The two leaders will also discuss regional and global security issues, economic issues, Europe’s energy security and climate change, the White House added.

Belarusian partisans face death penalty

Reuters also reports that Belarus moved on Wednesday, April 27, to make attempted acts of terrorism punishable by the death penalty after activists tried to sabotage parts of the railway network to make it harder for Russia to deploy forces into Ukraine for its invasion.

The Belarusian lower house of parliament approved the change to the criminal code in two readings, the Belta news agency reported.

The change now needs backing from the upper house and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko before entering force.

Quote"Destructive forces are continuing terrorist (and) extremist activity by trying to rock the situation in Belarus, provoking domestic instability and conflicts," house speaker Vladimir Andreychenko said.
Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

"Actions are being taken to disable railway equipment and tracks, objects of strategic importance," he specified.

Quote"There can be no justification for the actions of terrorists."

Britain is threatened to be 'wiped off the map"'

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

The Independent reports that Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has issued a stark warning to Britain.

She posted a comment in response to deputy defense minister James Heappey’s comment that Ukraine’s attacks on Russia are "complete legitimate."

Quote"Do we understand it correctly that for the sake of "violating the logistics of military supplies", Russia can attack military targets on the territory of those NATO countries that supply arms to the Kiev regime? After all, this directly leads to deaths and bloodshed in Ukraine. As far as I understand it, Britain is one of these countries."

It comes asRussian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov threatened to "wipe Britain off the map" with President Vladimir Putin’s new "big beast."

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

This refers to the hypersonic 208-ton 15,880mph ‘Satan-2’ intercontinental ballistic missile, as reported by The Mirror.

Quote"As it turned out, one Sarmat means minus one Great Britain," said Vladimir Solovyov and added: "The British had got totally boorish."

Instead of an afterword. In the third month of the war, the West's rhetoric towards the Russian Federation has obviously become tougher, and now that the world has seen the real capabilities of the Kremlin amid constant intimidation, it is ready to supply serious weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin and his satellites do not stop trying to put pressure on the West: The Page has already reported about how cutting off Russian gas supplies Bulgaria and Poland will end for Russia and Europe.

In the meantime, while Moscow imposes sanctions on British MPs (as if they were going to Russia for the holidays), the well-known propagandist Solovyov stated that the Kremlin could "easily wipe Britain off the map."

We already see that such statements, on the contrary, begin to infuse with Europe and the United States determination, and they already understand that the Putin regime simply cannot exist in the civilized world. As well as the Lukashenko regime that has already prepared a law on the death penalty for partisans trying to prevent a bloody war in Ukraine.

Kyiv continues to defend its borders for 63 days.

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