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Invaders’ suffering has only begun: the AFU are destroying Russian anti-aircraft systems in the South

As the full-scale war is ongoing in Ukraine, Russian depots and anti-aircraft systems are getting destroyed. In the battle for the South, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have inflicted a number of successful blows on the enemy during the last three days. What targets did the military hit?

Russian air defense systems are burning in the South

The operation of the Joint Forces in the Southern operative area is underway, and the targets from the pool of targets in this sector are getting hit. In the last 72 hours, a number of effective strikes have been made.

Our military brought down fire on the Russian AA fighting position near the lock of the Kakhovka Reservoir. The Russians had made themselves comfortable on a piece of waste ground to cover the bridge in Nova Kakhovka, exactly where they were hit eventually, and the "unparalleled" multi-layer air defense systems handled another pod of rockets quite badly.

A fire broke out, shells on fighting positions detonated, the personnel tried desperately to salvage equipment, while a fully operative Pantsir suddenly refused to work as a point-defense AA system. According to real-time monitoring, S-300 launchers, their rockets, and a Repellent-1 electronic warfare system were destroyed.

Те, що в секторі вбито ППО, і те, що удар біля одного з двох стратегічних мостів пройшов і пройшов неодноразово — хороша динаміка. Це означає, що, нарощуючи вогневий вплив, можна знищити та змусити змінювати позиції ворожі ЗРК, запустивши тієї самої миті ударні безпілотники та дрони-камікадзе.

Thus, all statements about Russia’s being able to create an impenetrable shield akin to the Iron Dome are but ads by their defense industry.

The third depot in Nova Kakhovka was destroyed: one more firework display at 5:00 am and shells flying all over the place, which has become a good tradition.

Strikes on Lazurne and the Antonivskyi bridge

On July 17 night, another hit was scored on the enemy’s dispositions in Lazurne. This was, most likely, Tochka-U, since the probable launch site was 82 km away across the estuary, although it might be within the reach of GMLRS. The fire was brought down on the barracks, battalion headquarters, and equipment park and depot in the Chaika boarding house — the fire raged half the night.

On July 17, another hit was scored on the enemy’s dispositions in Lazurne

On July 17, another hit was scored on the enemy’s dispositions in Lazurne

227-mm GMLRS rockets reached the Antonivskiy bridge over Dnipro, hitting the bridge span twice, making a hole, and breaking reinforcement.

It’s nothing critical for such a capital construction, as we can see from two dozens of strikes on the Zatoka drawbridge with half-ton warheads or the Lysychansk bridge shattered by artillery, over which we carried out a number of rotations.

GMLRS reached the Antonsvskys bridge across Dnipro

GMLRS reached the Antonsvskys bridge across Dnipro

But again, this is temporary, as a dozen such hits will make it impossible to transfer heavy equipment and trainloads of shells, forcing the enemy to limit themselves and try to install pontoon bridges, which are much easier to hit.

Moreover, the cumulative effect works, as hits on bases, parks, dispositions, and depots result in the dropping number of operational vehicles, sagging logistics, and revealed enemy SAM launch sites, which allows us to learn more about the air defense system in the Southern operative area and force the enemy to transfer resources to the axis that is not their primary effort.

Retirees piloting Su-25s and strikes at a distance of 80 km

Remember how the Russians said that their air forces had "hit all the targets and accomplished all the tasks" back on February 24? In reality, by June 24, three Su-25s piloted by retirees from private military companies had been downed, the youngest one being 60 years of age. The dynamics of pilot training and their eagerness to fly at extremely low altitudes while being held at gunpoint by Stinger and Mistral MANPADS operators can be understood even by extremely non-military people.

On June 24, a Su-25 belonging to a PMC was shot down

On June 24, a Su-25 belonging to a PMC was shot down

That’s what will happen with the "No Night Without a Burning Depot" campaign. Consider also the enemy’s morals when they keep receiving rockets launched 80 km from them while their "unparalleled" air defense systems hit the skids.

Given the frequency of hits in the South, the first hits at bridges and air defense systems near them, and our ability to deploy western military aid and high-precision weapons in the sector, we’re keeping a close eye on the Southern operative area, where the enemy’s suffering has only begun.

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