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Ukraine is facing a population decrease to 30 million and a new political reality — military psychologist

The loss of population will turn into a demographic crisis for the contry after the war. Photo: vsim.ua

The loss of population will turn into a demographic crisis for the contry after the war. Photo: vsim.ua

After the war, the Ukrainian nation will undergo drastic changes, both numerical and qualitative.

In the first place, the country faces an appreciable demographic crisis, said military psychologist Oleh Pokalchuk during an online interview "The War that Changes Us".

Quote"Ukraine is facing a population decrease to 30 million people, including those who left and those who died — this is what sociologists predict. As to social groups, the population density will shift drastically from the East to the West. While population density in our East was higher before, now the pattern will reverse," Pokalchuk thinks.

According to him, it is hard to predict what new quality will result from the mixing of people with different behavioral attitudes who will form new products of social communication.

Quote"I don’t anticipate a large extent of conflicts in this regard, as today’s practice shows. There will be attempts to instigate this problem, but most likely there will be no serious conflicts," — the expert added.

At the same time, due to the terror the Ukrainians experienced, they will achieve new political quality, the psychologist predicts.

Quote"Politicians who work within the clichés of the 20th century will have to deal with a totally new social reality. They will try to address their voters using some pre-made patterns, but the situation has changed fundamentally," Pokalchuk said.

At the same time, he believes that society will suffer extreme social tension resulting from war trauma. The role of civil society in the country’s political life will also increase.

Quote"It’s not about direct influence. Unfortunately, it’s not qualified to influence governmental mechanisms, and one has to be inside these mechanisms to be able to make decisions. But from the electoral perspective, its impact will be very significant, and politicians will have to reckon with it because the society has changed," the psychologist emphasized.

Many things will also change in day-to-day communications between people; however, the aggravation will "burn out the mental slag" to a large extent, the expert added.

Quote"Only simple and clear categories will remain in the system of communication to operate with. They will not be liberal due to objective reasons. It’s not because we’ll be very conservative. It’s just a common aftermath of the war — a rollback to more conservative ideas. We’ll also see an aggravation of all behavioral traits. Loosely speaking, men will become tougher, and women more sentimental. Politicians will get even more political, and shitstorms in social media more shitty," the expert predicts.


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