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Zelenskyy's law on oligarchs: who will be recognized as such and how the government will combat them—full text

On June 2, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy submitted a bill on oligarchs to the Verkhovna Rada as an urgent one. On June 3, the text of the bill appeared on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the text of the bill, a register of oligarchs will be created. The decision to include a person in it is made by the NSDC. The law is limited to 10 years. It must form the basis for the anti-trust and anti-lobbying laws.

The text of the law on oligarchs

The list of oligarchs will include persons who meet three out of four criteria:

  • assets from 2.3 billion UAH;
  • significant influence on the media;
  • monopoly position on the Ukrainian market or a person — a natural monopoly entity;
  • political participation.

The oligarchs will be combated by:

  • proceedings of the Antimonopoly Committee on non-compliance with competition laws;
  • dismissal of all persons who have an influence on the implementation of state functions for failure to provide the NSDC with information about any meetings with oligarchs or their representatives outside the formal events;
  • a ban on financing political parties;
  • a ban on participating in large-scale privatization;
  • mandatory declaration of assets of such persons.

The declaration of contacts must be submitted by civil servants:

  • the President and his First Deputy;
  • the Prime Minister of Ukraine;
  • Vice Prime Ministers;
  • the Head of the SSU and his deputies;
  • the prosecutor general and his deputies;
  • the Governor of the National Bank and his deputies;
  • judges;
  • chairpersons and members of public regulatory authorities such as the AMCU;
  • NSDC Secretary and his deputies;
  • the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights;
  • civil servants of category A;
  • heads of local state councils and their deputies;
  • military personnel.
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