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Tightening quarantine restrictions: What Ukrainians should prepare for from December 6

From December 6, in regions of the "yellow" quarantine zone, tighter anti-epidemic restrictions will apply. The government made the corresponding amendments to the quarantine decree No. 1236 on November 24, the Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Viktor Liashko reports.

What will change for Ukrainians in the "yellow" zone from December 6:

A ban on:

  • holding mass events,
  • the work of cultural institutions (cinemas, theaters, etc.),
  • the work of catering establishments (take-away and delivery are allowed),
  • work of sports centers and swimming pools,
  • the work of educational institutions, if not 100% of employees are vaccinated against coronavirus,
  • interregional and international transportation.

These restrictions do not apply if all employees and visitors/clients have one of the specified "covid" documents:

  • "yellow" certificate/its paper equivalent—certificate 063-О (valid for 30 days),
  • "green" certificate (valid for 365 days),
  • international "covid" certificate (valid for 365 days),
  • "covid" certificate of a foreign sample of vaccinating with drugs approved by WHO (valid for 365 days),
  • negative PCR/antigen test (valid for 72 hours),
  • certificate of recovery from coronavirus (valid for 105 days from the date of diagnosis).

What will change for Ukrainians in the "green" zone from December 6

A clause was added to the quarantine decree on the ban of regular and irregular transportation of passengers in city and intraregional public transport in an amount greater than the total number of seats and 50% of standing room, which is provided for by the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

How long will the "yellow" certificate be valid from December 6

The validity period of the "yellow" certificate was reduced to 30 from 120 days.

The shortest possible intervals between vaccines doses are the following:

Who needs to self-isolate

The amendments stipulate a 14-day self-isolation for people who arrived in Ukraine from Russia and have spent more than 7 days there in the last two weeks. It cannot be terminated even with a negative PCR test.

Checking of "covid" certificates

Employees of all public institutions are obliged to check not only whether visitors or clients have "covid" documents, but also check whether they are valid by scanning the QR code with the Diia mobile application.

Violators could be fined up from 34,000 UAH to 170,000 UAH.

Context. From November 8, Ukrainians of certain professions are suspended from work due to their lack of vaccination against coronavirus.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health launched an initiative to supplement the list of professions vaccination against coronavirus is compulsory for. Doctors, employees of local government, and public institutions are among them.

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