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The government tightens quarantine rules in "yellow" zone—what has changed

The Cabinet of Ministers, during a meeting on November 24, amended the "quarantine" decree No. 1236. The novelties relate to the Ukrainians living in the regions located in the "yellow" zone.

@material: https://en.thepage.ua/news/online-coronavirus-map-ukraines-zone-division

Whereas previously businesses could choose models of activity in this zone, not to check vaccination documents or negative tests, but work in accordance with certain restrictions on the area or check documents and work without restrictions of the appropriate level, then the new rules do not provide for such an option.

Viktor Liashko

Viktor Liashko

Chief Sanitary Doctor

What will change in the "yellow" zone:

  • all employees and visitors to public facilities must have at least one vaccination or negative test, or a certificate of recovery from COVID-19. The same rules apply to businesses;
  • the validity period of the "yellow" certificate (one dose of vaccine) will be reduced to 30 days;
  • checking covid-certificates in establishments must be carried out by scanning a QR-code (without reading through the Diia app the document is considered invalid).

The government proposes to punish the owners of the establishments violating these rules in the amount of 34,000 to 170,000 UAH.

Context. From November 8, Ukrainians of certain professions will be suspended from work due to their lack of vaccination against coronavirus.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health launched an initiative to supplement the list of professions vaccination against coronavirus is compulsory for. Doctors, as well as employees of local government and public unity services are among them.

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