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Mixing vaccines and third dose of Pfizer: why WHO is against

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that there is not yet enough data on mixing vaccines. In particular, there is no final opinion on the need for the third dose of the vaccine.

This was stated by the WHO expert on immunization Ann Lindstrand during a briefing.

She also noted that the vaccine efficacy does decline over time. But research shows that overall, vaccines provide a fairly high level of protection.

WHO Senior Research Associate Soumya Swaminathan added that there is now a tendency in countries where there is a sufficient supply of vaccines to use additional doses of vaccine or mix different drugs.

In her opinion, this trend is somewhat dangerous.

"We are in a data free, evidence free zone insofar vaccine mixing. The situation in the countries will be chaotic if citizens decide when and who should take the second, third and fourth doses," Swaminathan noted.

Context. A number of institutes around the world have stated that, according to their research, mixing vaccines is safe and may increase protection against coronavirus. In addition, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) stated that mixing coronavirus vaccines is safe and effective.

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