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The border guards change their mind: Temporary procedure for crossing border for Ukrainians remains unchanged

Citizens of Ukraine who want to cross the state border can still do it with an internal passport, the State Border Service reports.

"This decision was made taking into account the situation that is developing on the territory of Ukraine during martial law, when citizens cannot quickly and timely issue a foreign passport," the official statement reads.

This decision applies to all citizens, regardless of the regions they travel from.

Departure of children under 16 is subject to presenting a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a birth certificate (if there is no passport).

"In some cases, during a stay abroad, there may be an urgent need to have a foreign passport, which is determined by the legislation of the countries where our citizens plan to stay or when traveling between different countries. Therefore, we advise citizens of Ukraine to take into account different situations and, if possible, issue a foreign passport before crossing the border," the statement reads.

Context. The day before, Andriy Demchenko, a spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service, said that a regulation was applied again in Ukraine, providing for crossing the country's borders only with a foreign passport, but in some cases it would be possible to travel with other documents.

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