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From now on, Ukrainians can cross the border using only foreign passport: Exceptions

Leaving Ukraine with internal passport is cancelled: Exceptions. Photo: pmg.ua

Leaving Ukraine with internal passport is cancelled: Exceptions. Photo: pmg.ua

From now, Ukrainians can cross the border only with their external passports, but there are some exceptions when Ukrainians can use other documents. This was reported by Suspilne media with reference to the spokesperson of the State Border Service, Andriy Demchenko.

Quote"When there was a humanitarian catastrophe at the border with thousands of people and vehicles fleeing the war, the State Border Service, together with the European Union, decided to allow citizens to pass using an internal passport or other documents which identify a person. The decision was taken since the service centers (administrative agencies) could not work properly, and it became extremely difficult for people to do the paperwork," the spokesperso explained.

Howecer, now Ukrainians can leave the country with an foreign passport only.

Demchenko noted that the procedure for crossing the border for children remains simplified. As for adult citizens, they will be able to cross the border with internal passports only in certain cases.

Quote"In particular, this right will be granted to Ukrainians traveling from the hotspots, or if they accompany people with disabilities. The decisions will be taken right at the border, after our inspectors meet the people, learn their situation and check the documents the displaced people have in hand," the spokesperson explained.

At the same time, Ukraine retains all the laws and agreements reached with other countries before the war, for example, on the possibility of entering Turkey by ID-card.

Quote"But it should be clear that we do not have direct flights to Turkey now. And considering the transit through other countries, we can not state that the person heads to the country where the rule applies," Demchenko concluded.
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