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Another Russian ship — Vsevolod Bobrov — damaged in Black Sea

Russia has lost another ship in the Black Sea, Channel 24 reports, citing intelligence sources.

Most likely, this is a project 23120 combat logistics ship. On Thursday night, May 12, it was heading towards Zmiinyi Island. For an unknown reason, a fire broke out on the ship, the source said.

An operation was carried out to rescue the crew. At night, the ship tried to reach Sevastopol. Probably, the Russians succeeded in this, and the ship was moored in the port.

Reference. Project 23120 ice class combat logistics ships are intended for loading, storing, transporting, and transferring cargo to the shore and to ships, as well as for towing support, providing assistance to the crews of ships and vessels in distress. They are also sometimes called sea tugboats.

They have controlled engine packages — rudder propellers — so they can spin around their axis like a tractor. In addition, this technical solution made it possible to reduce the volume of the engine room, increasing the cargo capacity.

They have a high ice class ARC4 (capable of breaking ice with a thickness of 0.6 m). They have increased thickness of the hull walls and inner skin.

Project vessels:

  • Elbrus — Northern Fleet;
  • Vsevolod Bobrov — Black Sea Fleet;
  • Captain Shevchenko — Pacific Fleet.

The Vsevolod Bobrov was laid down in 2013 and joined the Navy in August 2021. Its design has some changes made according to the experience of exploitation of the prototype Elbrus.

The vessel has two electro-hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons, towing winches with a pulling force of 120 and 25 tons, and a cargo deck with an area of 700 square meters. It is equipped with a diving complex with a pressure chamber.

Ship's particulars:

  • crew — 27 people (if necessary — up to 55);
  • length — 95 m;
  • width — 22 m;
  • draft — 9 m;
  • speed — 18 knots;
  • displacement — 9,500 tons;
  • cruising radius — 5,000 nautical miles;
  • autonomy — about 60 days.
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