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Updated regulations for entering Ukraine: How application Vdoma works now

Now, when crossing the border of Ukraine, non-vaccinated people will need to install the application Vdoma. According to the latest changes adopted by the Government, the application will change its functionality. The Ministry of Digital Transformation reported this on its website.

Quote"Over the past year, almost a million people returning from abroad have used the app and have gone through 14 days of self-isolation. Thanks to the app, they could do it at home in a comfortable environment. Or to do a PCR test and finish self-isolation. Now, taking into account the current situation, Vdoma will change its functions," Mykhailo Fedorov noted.

It will be necessary to install Vdoma for 72 hours, until the person does a PCR test or an antigen test. There will be no more need to pass control based on geolocation data and face recognition.

To register in the application, one must specify:

  • surname, name, patronymic (if any);
  • passport series and / or number;
  • place of self-isolation;
  • phone number.

After that, within 72 hours, the person must do a PCR or antigen test. The app should pull up a negative result. The test must be done in a laboratory, verified by the Ministry of Health. After that, the application can be uninstalled. If the result is positive, you need to call your family doctor.

If a person, for some reason, did not do the test after crossing the border, after 72 hours the application is deactivated, and the information is automatically transmitted to law enforcement agencies. They selectively check the stay in the place of self-isolation. If a person does not want to install the application, then the citizens of Ukraine will have to undergo a 14-day observation, and foreigners will be denied entry to the territory of Ukraine.

Context. As of October 20, 2021, COVID-19 was recorded in 22,415 people, 4,892 were hospitalized over the past 24 hours in Ukraine. 546 people died from the infection, 8,036 recovered.

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