Vaccination against coronavirus in Ukraine will be carried out in two waves

After the first wave of vaccination against coronavirus, another one may be needed, but in six months.

This was stated by the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov.

According to him, the first wave vaccination campaign needs to be carried out very quickly, since the coronavirus is not going to disappear.

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In addition, Stepanov noted that after vaccination against coronavirus, in about six to nine months, it will be necessary to re-vaccinate the population.

Context. Earlier, the Minister promised that vaccination against coronavirus would begin before the end of this week. According to the government's plan, vaccination was to begin on February 15th. In general, the vaccination plan provides for five stages, during which various categories of citizens will be vaccinated, depending on their place of work and health status.

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However, Stepanov later said that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau investigation of the case on the purchase of coronavirus vaccines would negatively affect negotiations with medication manufacturers.

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