Stepanov has found those guilty of delaying the start of vaccination in Ukraine

The investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) of the case on the coronavirus vaccines purchase will negatively affect negotiations with medication manufacturers. This was announced at a press briefing on February 16 by the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

According to him, the consequences of these "attacks" will affect every Ukrainian, since our country is already losing the trust of the producers.

"Such situations destroy the reputation of our state. We are already having quite complicated negotiations to get additional doses of vaccines. Due to dirty information attacks, manufacturers have begun to express their reluctance to cooperate further. Such actions are an attempt to disrupt the vaccination campaign in Ukraine".

Maksym Stepanov

Maksym Stepanov

Minister of Healthcare

Stepanov also stated that the failure of the campaign opens the way for Ukraine to one vaccine that the country is "strongly offered", and added that the Russian vaccine should not be allowed on the Ukrainian market.

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According to the Minister, the NABU case is one of the tools of the information war against the Ministry's team.

Quote"This morning, the Ministry of Health received a request from NABU to provide information on all negotiations with manufacturers of vaccines from COVID-19. All these documents will be forwarded to NABU within 24 hours," Stepanov summed up.

Context. Earlier, the Minister promised that vaccination against coronavirus would begin before the end of this week. According to the government's plan, vaccinations were to begin on February 15th. In general, the vaccination plan has five stages, at which different categories of citizens will be vaccinated, depending on their work and health status.

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