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White House secretly allocates $200 million in aid to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression

The United States privily approved the provision of additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $200 million. As CNN found out, this happened at the end of December 2021. Ukrainian officials were informed about this only at the beginning of the new year.

TV channel’s sources said that the new security package includes a large amount of defense weapons that Washington had previously provided to Kyiv. This related to small arms, ammunition for them, radio communications and medical equipment. Delivering a new batch of assistance will take time, according to the TV channel's interlocutors.

Quote"We have given more security assistance to Ukraine in the last year than at any point since 2014. Those deliveries are ongoing, as recently as in the last few weeks, and there are more scheduled in the coming weeks," the State Department spokesperson noted.

As of December 2021, the White House provided more than $450 million in military assistance to Kyiv (including Javelin missiles, patrol boats, radio stations, electronics, medical equipment, engines, generators, etc.).

Context. Despite negotiations and warnings from US President Joe Biden and his European colleagues, about 100,000 Russian troops remain concentrated near the Ukrainian border. According to US intelligence data of the last month, Russia could mount a military offensive into Ukraine" as early as 2022."

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