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Ukraine requests Germany to unblock providing weapons to it—Ambassador

Ukraine filed a request with the new German government to unblock providing weapons to it. Andriy Melnyk, Ukrainian diplomat and Ambassador of Ukraine to the FRN, stated this in an interview with the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost quoted by the outlet Der Tagesspiel.

Quote"Ukraine requires the new German government to discard the morally erroneous policy of blocking and immediately provide Kyiv with defense weapons to defend against Russian aggression. Berlin bears the same historical responsibility to Ukraine as to Israel," he stated.

According to him, Kyiv is counting on "massive military support from Germany in order to drive up the price of the impending attack by Putin and prevent it." The Ukrainian Ambassador stressed that the danger of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remained at a high level.

Quote"All signal lights are flashing red," Melnyk stressed.

The diplomat added that Russian President Vladimir Putin was ready to "risk this new invasion to destroy Ukrainian statehood", and Berlin should not "underestimate" the threat of war.

Melnyk expressly called on the German government to campaign for Ukraine's early joining NATO and the EU.

Quote"Only if Ukraine becomes an integral part of the North Atlantic Alliance, Putin will forever disabuse of the temptation to attack us," the Ambassador summed up.

Context. In November, under the rule of Angela Merkel, Germany vetoed Ukraine's purchase of lethal weapons through the NATO procurement agency. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov stated that in light of this, Ukraine intended to buy the necessary weapons through bilateral agreements with its partners, including the United States, Lithuania, France and others.

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