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Latvia to send Ukraine weapons and equipment

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks, after a meeting with Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksandr Mishchenko, stated that Latvia would continue providing assistance to Ukraine, in particular, providing weapons and equipment, the outlet LSM.LV reports.

The Minister of Defense and the Ambassador of Ukraine agreed on the content of the humanitarian cargo before it would be sent to the addressee.

Quote"Including weapons and equipment. We will do it. We call on our allies in Europe to do the same. Because Ukraine has the right and must be able to defend itself. Ukraine is largely relieving tension from our borders. From our region. And although Ukraine is not a NATO member, in this sense it is not an ally, but it is considered our ally in exactly what it does. Actually, they are protecting us," Pabriks stated.

Context. At the end of the year, the heads of the Ministries of Defense of the Baltic States expressed a unanimous opinion on the need to support Ukraine by supplying weapons.

Previously, Latvia provided broad support, including financial one, humanitarian aid, military training, rehabilitation of victims, and the creation of a chaplaincy service, as well as political lobbying for Ukraine's interests.

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