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Ukrainian IT company sues Google

Simcord demands 150,000 UAH from Google for moral damages. Photo: Pixabay

Simcord demands 150,000 UAH from Google for moral damages. Photo: Pixabay

Ответчиками в деле выступают как американская компания Google, так и украинское подразделение «Гугл». «Симкорд» требует от них 150 тыс. грн за размещение на принадлежащем Google видеохостинге YouTube ролика с недостоверной информацией об украинском разработчике. По словам истца, из-за этой публикации компания получила ущерб.

The Ukrainian company Simcord that develops software solutions for blockchain and digital assets has filed a lawsuit against Google corporation. The company demanded that the court protect its business reputation, Dev.ua reported.

The title of the video that damaged the company's business reputation was not disclosed in the case materials.

Simcord filed a lawsuit with the Kyiv Economic Court back in May 2021. However, the lawsuit was returned without consideration, since the company CEO could not confirm his powers. Later, Simcord appealed the case to the Northern Court of Appeal of Kyiv that decided to return it to the Economic Court of Kyiv and canceled the decision to return the claim.

It is noteworthy that as security for the claim, the company demanded that the court seize the property and corporate rights of both Google itself and its Ukrainian branch. The company also requested to prohibit state registrars from carrying out actions with the participation of the Ukrainian company Google. However, the court found these claims unfounded.

Context. Earlier, Google corporation filed a lawsuit against the state-owned enterprise Ukrpatent. The company demanded that the SOE early revoke the permission for the brand of the developer Nest.

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