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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will allocate ₴20 billion to buy combat drones — Naiev

In 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will increase the purchase of UAVs for the Armed Forces.

This was reported by Serhii Naiev, the Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, given the needs and requests of the Ukrainian army, nearly ₴20 billion (more than $544 million) must be allocated in 2023 for this segment.

The commander believes that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles significantly increases the overall capabilities of reconnaissance:

Quote"From the air, you can easily track the enemy’s battle deployment, identify "fat targets", as the military calls them, which should immediately be hit, and transmit this reconnaissance information to the respective weapons systems."

Naiev noted that this was a major step forward, as an unmanned aerial vehicle can accomplish its missions without putting the piloting crew at risk.

Quote"Therefore, the mass use of UAVs will make it possible to advance faster during offensive actions, as well as to lower the enemy’s combat potential significantly. This is how we preserve the lives of our warriors and neutralize the enemy at the maximum distances available to us," the lieutenant general emphasized.

Earlier, it was announced that the Defense Ministry had made 16 contracts with Ukrainian drone manufacturers.

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