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Ministry of Health has allowed to treat Ukrainians with COVID with industrial oxygen

In Ukraine, industrial oxygen will be used in the treatment of COVID-19. Photo: UNIAN

In Ukraine, industrial oxygen will be used in the treatment of COVID-19. Photo: UNIAN

The Cabinet of Ministers has authorized the use of industrial oxygen for oxygen support of patients with coronavirus. This is allowed if it fully complies with the quality indicators of medical oxygen.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Health, this decision has been made to save the lives of Ukrainians, since oxygen therapy is one of the mandatory measures in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. The government has already adopted a relevant resolution.

According to the Minister of Health, Maksym Stepanov, the main indicators of the industrial oxygen must correspond to the specification and control method for the main indicators of the medical one. That should be confirmed by the corresponding certificate issued by an accredited quality control laboratory.

"Today we are witnessing an increase in hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19, and soon in the regions of Ukraine there might be problems with providing beds with oxygen. Therefore, without waiting for the collapse, the government takes a forced measure and is ready to temporarily use industrial oxygen, provided that it meets the criteria for medical oxygen, and that will be laboratory-confirmed."

Maksym Stepanov

Maksym Stepanov

Minister of Healthcare

At the same time, industrial oxygen will be supplied to medical institutions by licensees for the wholesale trade in medical gases, and that will ensure quality control of industrial oxygen and involve those companies that do not have licenses for the production of medical oxygen.

Context. Earlier, The Page reported that in almost all regions of the country, the hospitalization rate of patients with COVID-19 had increased, namely in 22.


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