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The Ministry of Health has ordered coronavirus vaccines for half of Ukraine. But it has refused to give the names of the companies and terms

Ukraine has signed contracts for the supply of 22 million doses of coronavirus vaccine. Moreover, contracts for another 15 million doses are expected in the near future.

There are enough vaccines in the country to vaccinate most of the population by the end of the year. This was stated by the Minister of Healthcare Maksym Stepanov.

In addition, he noted that together with the Covax vaccine, Ukraine had already ordered 22 million doses. Some of them had already been paid for.

However, under the terms of the contracts, Stepanov cannot tell what kind of vaccines he is talking about. In addition, he cannot give a date yet.

Context. Stepanov recently said that none of the vaccine companies was selling coronavirus drugs to the commercial market. That is why a free state vaccination program will operate in Ukraine for the time being.

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