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U. S. may simplify entry for certain categories of Ukrainian citizens

President Joe Biden's administration plans to begin work this week to facilitate the arrival in the United States of some Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion. At the same time, in the first 16 days of March, only seven refugees from Ukraine were admitted to the United States. This was reported by Reuters, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The authorities intend to simplify the entry into the country of Ukrainian citizens who have relatives among US citizens or holders of a residence permit. The US presidential administration intends to increase the number of employees who will process applications for temporary status, known as "humanitarian parole", allowing entry into the country for humanitarian reasons. Particular attention will be focused on LGBTQ individuals, activists, journalists and other "potentially vulnerable groups", agency sources say.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups have urged the Biden administration to do more to help Ukrainians who want to seek refuge in the United States.

Biden officials have said the majority of the people fleeing Ukraine will want to remain in Europe, where they can travel without a visa and may have family and friends.

According to State Department data, the United States admitted 514 Ukrainian refugees in January and February during Russia's build-up to the war.

The Biden administration has stated refugees should not try to apply for U.S. tourist visas, which are intended for short stays.

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