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Protests, curfews and border closures: how Europe has tightened quarantine

Quarantine in Europe. Photo: UNIAN

Quarantine in Europe. Photo: UNIAN

January quarantine tightening has begun in Ukraine. European governments have decided to step up their anti-coronavirus measures even before Christmas. However, such measures caused a wave of indignation among the population of different countries.

At the same time, some European countries have already started mass vaccination against coronavirus.

Protests against lockdown in the Czech Republic

Thus, in the Czech Republic there were protests against the quarantine restrictions tightening imposed by the government. The protesters are convinced that the closure of restaurants, shops, and schools will increase the cost of the pandemic to the economy, DW reports.

Protesters came out with posters: "Stop the coronavirus terror" and "We are not sheep." There were several thousand protesters, in addition, they did not keep the distance and did not wear protective masks.

The protest was organized by restaurant business owners and fitness trainers. In addition to the fact that the lockdown will negatively affect the economy, the demonstrators believe that the quarantine will negatively affect people's mental health.

The lockdown continues in France

A vaccination campaign has already begun in France, but the authorities decided to keep and continue the introduced anti-coronavirus restrictions. Bars and restaurants will remain closed for the coming weeks, although they were slated to open as early as January 20th.

Also, museums, cinemas, and exhibition halls will be closed. And the curfew has been extended until January 20.

The border with the UK remains closed due to a new coronavirus strain.

Quarantine in the UK

The UK has also announced the introduction of quarantine due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus. However, the country has already begun mass vaccinations, and that should improve the situation with the number of diseases.

The epidemiological situation has been further complicated in the UK due to the spread of a new, even more contagious coronavirus strain.

Closing borders in Austria

Austria closed its borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Small border crossings will be completely closed, while large ones will have fixed controls.

Upon entering Austria, tourists must sign a document confirming that they are going to be quarantined. Otherwise, entry will be refused.

Persons working in this country are allowed to enter. However, the visitors will need to show proof to the border guards that they have an employer in Austria.

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