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The price of a coronavirus vaccine: the Ministry of Health announced the cost for one Ukrainian

One dose of the coronavirus vaccine costs Ukraine about $7.52. The cost of medications from various manufacturers differs, but the exact price cannot be disclosed due to the information confidentiality.

This was reported by the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov on the air of the TV channel Nash.

«We cannot disclose the price due to the strict confidentiality of contracts, but I can say that in total we spend $240.5 million on 32 million doses of vaccines—this price is with delivery, with logistics, with all expenses. The average price of one vaccine dose for Ukraine is $7.52».

Maksym Stepanov

Maksym Stepanov

Minister of Healthcare

Context. Earlier, the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko said that the cost of one dose of the coronavirus vaccine would be $7 for Ukrainians, and a full vaccination would cost an average of $14.

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